Writing a request to be excused from jury duty

Request Postponement / Excuse from Jury Service

Box Nashville, TN If you need to be postponed, please list two 2 separate weeks in which you could serve. The Juror Compensation form included with your jury summons must be completed and turned into the Clerk when you report.

The trial cannot proceed until all jurors are present. A verdict in a criminal case finds the defendant guilty or not guilty.

In weighing evidence, an important distinction between civil and criminal case is the degree of proof required to sustain an allegation. Phone Numbers for Jury service information: Whenever the questioning of a juror discloses some reason why the juror might not be objective or unbiased in the case i.

Jury Duty Overview

If you have earned less, it is your responsibility to report the earnings on your income tax form. The summons mailing contains a pamphlet of jury duty information, directions to the courthouse, information regarding parking, and a juror information form which must be completed and returned to the court within five days, in the included pre-addressed envelope.

This means you will be expected to report when notified. This is called re-direct examination. All visitors are prohibited from bringing liquids into the courthouse. As a juror, you should not hesitate to change your mind when there is good reason for doing so.

Lawyers have a duty to their clients to ask those questions, which they feel, will assist them in deciding which jurors to select. Always sit in the same seat in the jury box.

A Division of State Trial Courts

Voir dire also provides the attorneys with the opportunity to become acquainted with the prospective jurors. Civil cases are disputes between private citizens, corporations, governments, government agencies, or other organizations.

Request for:

Do not talk about the case. Please do not bring anything in your pocket or purse such as a gun, pocket knife, scissors, knitting needles, etc. The Protection of Jurors Employment Status Act includes both the protection of the status of employment after jury duty as well as during the period of jury service, Costello v.

If, however you have a definite opinion on a question, you should not change that opinion unless conscientiously moved to do so as a result of the deliberations, your consideration of the views of your colleagues, and your own further thought on the matter.

If you are the sole caretaker of a seriously or chronically ill relative and can provide proof from a doctor, your request to be excused from jury duty may be honored. Please do not be late for court.

The judge determines the law to be applied in the case while the jury decides the facts. Some questions may be directed to all of the jurors at once while others may be directed to individual jurors.If you need to be excused from jury duty, you must request it in writing within five (5) business days of receipt of your summons.

All correspondence should contain the Jurors Identification Number that appears below the barcode on the summons. Although I am honored by the privilege, I respectfully request that I be excused from jury duty.

[STATE REASON(S), ex. I am currently employed by ABC International Incorporated of Tempe. Before writing a letter to be excused from jury duty, understand some of these general reasons the courts may excuse you or your employees.

Federal courts According to the United States Courts, the following groups might be excused from jury duty service.

Jury Duty FAQs

If you are looking to be permanently excused from jury duty, this may or may not be something you can do over the phone or in writing. Depending on your reason and the court’s policy, you may be required to attend and make your case for being excused to a judge.

Before writing a jury duty excuse letter, you should call the courthouse phone number listed on your summons. It is a good idea to discuss your circumstances with the clerk first, as he or she may be able to save you some time by telling you if your excuse is valid or not.

The Office of the Superior Court Clerk is responsible for calling citizens for jury duty for Superior, District and Municipal Courts. The Jury Coordinator runs a computer program that selects prospective jurors from lists of voter registrations, driver registrations and Washington State identification cards for residents of Mason County.

Writing a request to be excused from jury duty
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