Why college should be cheaper

The high cost of college can be illustrated anecdotally, as well. Thus colleges continue to put more and more money into upgrading their facilities and staff in order to help the students be successful.

For example, consider the Kalamazoo Promise in Michigan, which has been in effect since But many Canadian students still take out loans. If college tuition was not so expensive, then there would be fewer people going to free college and public funds would be able to keep up.

Our College Admission Counselors will help you find, apply, and get accepted to your dream school. However, several states have already implemented free community college programs or similar ideas. Stop promoting entering college right away.

Graduating with high amounts of student loan debt has been shown to reduce a person's chances of owning a home, getting married, having children, and accumulating wealth.

This can be illustrated with numbers. You're looking for an academic boost. Here are some of the other commonly cited reasons why college should be free: By raising taxes, college could be affordable to more people, which would result in less debt for students and parents.

But what if loans with income-based repayment were available to every student? If someone has the academic abilities and the right mindset to go to a selective college, the cost should not be an issue because this person could end up being a positive asset to the college or the place they could end up working.

So graduates only have to pay an affordable percentage of their incomes once they start earning above a certain threshold. Students would be able to focus more on their studies rather than worrying about how to scrape together enough funds for each upcoming school term. Yet, so far at least, the idea has not gained enough traction at the federal level.

America might become even more socially divided. Mind you these people are adults and should be responsible for their choices.

Making the Transfer If you hope to transfermeet with an adviser both at your community college and, if possible, the school you eventually want to attend. This trend is wrong-headed.

From tothe percentage of KPS graduates who earned a college-level credential within six years of completing high school rose from roughly 36 percent to about 48 percent.

Should College Be Free? Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

And that, they say, could hurt the economy since people might have less to spend or invest. Many of America's top-performing high school students never apply to the most challenging colleges and universities even though they have the ability to succeed at them.

4 Reasons to Consider Community College

With more people choosing to attend public colleges because of their tuition-free status, many schools might have to create wait lists or expand the ones they already have.

Fortunately, few cases are as seemingly hopeless as these are outliers. In those cases, students can have 65 percent or more of their tuition and fees covered, depending on how long they've been enrolled.

Four—year schools generally require you to be a full—time student. According to several sources, total student debt is closing in on a trillion dollars, a figure that, according to motherjones. The fear of debt is a major concern among Americans and a lot of that debt comes from student loans.

Plus there are generally lots of support services, such as mentoring programs and organized study groups. Be sure to find out from the school how many transfer students are accepted per year, what kind of financial aid is available to them, and how many of the credits earned at the old college will be accepted by the new college.

Maybe some kind of middle ground exists. Last week, National Public Radio interviewed two recent baccalaureate graduates from American universities.

Few factors support a strong culture and a dynamic economy more than a well-educated citizenry.Watch video · The student debt dilemma is a major concern of Sarah Bloom Raskin, the new deputy U.S. Treasury secretary. The former Federal Reserve governor sat down with CNBC.

Watch video · The student debt dilemma is a major concern of Sarah Bloom Raskin, the new deputy U.S. Treasury secretary. The former Federal Reserve governor sat down with CNBC at the University of Maryland.

Making College Tuition Cheaper Essay example. Making College Tuition Cheaper I believe that college tuition should be cheaper for everyone no matter what economic level your family is in. College tuition should be very affordable for everyone, so everyone has.

Transcript of Why College Should be Cheaper. Main Points College Tuition Because most universities only enroll a certain amount of students, the demand for a college education is much higher for the avialable supply.

Schools respond to this by raising the cost of tuition (agronumericus.com). Community college tuition is usually thousands of dollars cheaper than tuition for private and public four–year universities. The average in-state tuition at community colleges for – according to the College Board was just $3,—two-year schools represent an outstanding way to save money.

Feb 25,  · There is a solution that can make college more accessible and affordable for middle- and lower-income students: tuition deferment. Colleges should offer an .

Why college should be cheaper
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