Travel writing article submissions list

All first novels published in print in are eligible, including those published by major and independent presses. Overall, they are looking for individuals with a talent for writing in a professional manner. Please do not send essays, sermons or fiction.

All of the guys and gals you'll find featured here are fantastic writers, and a fair few of them are a dab hand with a long lens camera.

We could only do that when the Almighty guarantees the sun will not rise tomorrow. Email lori greatescapepublishing dot com and make sure to include your full name, address and telephone number.

The target age group is roughly grades Include protagonists and sources who are primarily of Arab-land or Muslim heritage local voices. Lists should be 1 or 2 paragraphs per point with a minimum of 10 items in a list.

They own many field guides and other books about birds, and they read widely. And preferably set your email format to HTML so any formatting such as bold or italic remain. Our Feature articles, as well as the departments of Home, Food, and Travel, reflect what is happening currently in the region.

If you're none the wiser, his missives on time spent in a South Korean jail after trying to import hashish into the country serve not only as a fantastic if unconventional travel diary but also a highly original take on South Korean culture.

Short Stories They accept three different kinds of submissions: I began to make a concerted effort to get my work onto other sites in order to both expand my reach, and feed my admittedly attention seeking behavior ASB as I like to call it.

When touching on craft theory or history, writers should take special care to write clearly and for a non-academic audience. Thanks for stopping by! These are the first month of every quarter, i. Our articles and features generally range fromwords. We publish highly literary stories reminiscent of Poe or Lovecraft as well as vulgar shock-value pulp fiction.

A small flat fee for contributions Instructions: She has been published under the heading of Best Women's Travel Writers in the past, though don't let the demographic fool you - her travel tales are adventurous and hold appeal with anyone fond of a good read, especially those who aren't afraid to break a nail in the pursuit of fun.

And who knows where those kid coders at Word got educated.

20 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (As a Beginner)

Manuscripts submitted for feature consideration should be approximatelywords in length. You can download my free e-guide for the other Read some of their previous issues to get an idea of the style of writing and types of stories they are after.

Testing backpacking gear by taking it with you on your backpacking trips Writing articles and reviews of the gear based on your testing Taking photos of the gear and your testing processes to include in your articles. Get Paid to Write: They require you to have prior e-commerce experience.

The print magazine appears twice yearly, in spring and fall.

34 Travel Magazines and Websites That Pay Freelance Writers

Every article or story we've read so far provokes some real thought, usually sparked by a reflective line or two which nails what it is like to be human. We pay in editorial support for now and are sourcing paid opportunities for our regular cadre of writers.

These articles will include a fair amount of motorcycle terminology and must provide accurate information on everything from industry news, and event coverage, to daily events impacting the Harley Davidson community.

In addition to our website changes we would like to have our menus looked at for correction in grammar, punctuation and an addition of descriptive selling techniques. How and when do you reply?

The Beginner's Guide To Freelance Writing

No subject should be considered off-limits, and we encourage writers to take chances with their fiction and push the envelope.Literary Traveler is dedicated to the exploration of the literary imagination.

We hope to bring you inspiring, informative articles about writers, creative artists, and the places that they lived and traveled. Literary Traveler was launched in March of by the husband and wife team of Francis and Linda McGovern. 15 Magazines that Pay $+ Per Article. The following is a list of 15 magazines that pay writers $ — and sometimes more — per article.

A wide variety of topics are covered, including food, dogs, Latin America, hunting, travel. Fall Travel Writing Contest. Read our general guidelines here. Award-winning literary travel magazine Nowhere is accepting submissions for our Fall Travel Writing Contest. We are looking for young, old, novice and veteran writers to send us stories that possess a powerful sense of place. is the world's only national writing resources website, based in Ireland but designed for writers everywhere. Updated daily with a mix of news, interviews and essential tips, our content is provided by a wide range of writers and currated to deliver you information and solutions.

Paid for Travel Writing — All Those Dollars

Great Escape Publishing – (Travel) Great Escape Publishing accepts content that focuses on jobs that pay you to travel, be it for photography, tourism, and writing, etc. Their payment is variable and ranges between $50 and $ depending on the length and the type of your article.

Submit. The next time you have work that’s ready to submit, why not send it to us? The Sun is a reader-supported ad-free magazine.

Romance novel

We’ve been described in many ways: celebratory, fierce, unflinching, thoughtful, truthful, dark, darkly funny, tender.

Travel writing article submissions list
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