Single form of parentheses

Abbreviations and acronyms On the first use of an abbreviation or acronym that might not be understood by your readers, the full term can be provided in parentheses.

When a coarse desire form is being attracted to another of the same nature, there is a disharmony in their vibrations, whereby one has a disintegrating effect upon the other.

Thus we may see how very important is the Feeling we have concerning anything, for upon that depends the nature of the atmosphere we create for ourselves.

This is carried on by forces with which we shall become acquainted later. Distance and time are also governing factors of existence in the Physical World, but are almost non-existent in the Desire World. Imagine that sand permeates every part of the sponge and also forms a layer outside the sponge.

Some of them will be dealt with later and their connection with man's evolution described. These forces do Single form of parentheses act blindly nor mechanically, but in a selective way well-known to scientists by its effects thereby accomplishing their purpose, which is the growth and maintenance of the body.

The names and specific functions of these four ethers are as follows. Simply read your sentence without the parenthetical content.

If the form that is built to minimize the evil is weak, it will have no effect and will be destroyed by the evil form, but if it is strong and frequently repeated it will have the effect of disintegrating the evil and substituting the good. If we had knowledge of none but the higher Worlds, we would make many mistakes which would become apparent only when physical conditions are brought to bear as criterion.

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Parentheses, long dashes, and commas are the three punctuation marks that indicate an interruption in the flow of a sentence. If you have any questions, please call me at If, however, an untrue is given, a form different from and antagonistic to the first, or true one, is created.

When a true account of the occurrence is given, another form is built, exactly like the first.

Quotation Marks

The other man's interest is of a different kind. The Desire World, with its innumerable inhabitants, permeates the Physical World, as the lines of force do the water--invisibly, but everywhere present and potent as the cause of everything in the Physical World.

(All About) Parentheses

The conference call will be held at 9: Follow this link for details. Some interesting things can happen with verb tenses when we report action in indirect or reported speech "The president said that he was going to Egypt tomorrow".

But, conversely, seeking for the good in evil will, in time, transmute the evil into good. Poll Would you choose parentheses or dashes for the parenthetical information in the following sentence?

Consistency, of course, is very important.

Add or remove line numbers

Three men are walking along a road. When parenthetical content occurs in the middle of a larger sentence, the surrounding punctuation should be placed outside the parentheses, exactly as it would be if the parenthetical content were not there.

One visual convention that is optionally used to convey a traditional use of line in printed settings in languages represented by alphabetic scripts is capitalisation of the first letter of the first word of each line regardless of other punctuation in the sentence, but it is not necessary to adhere to this.

The Region of Concrete Thought furnishes the mind-stuff in which ideas generated in the Region of Abstract Thought clothe themselves as thought-forms, to act as regulators and balance wheels upon the impulses engendered in the Desire World by impacts from the phenomenal World.

In this atmosphere of the Region of Concrete Thought are also pictures of the emotions of man and beast. The president and his assistant traveled by private jet. The matter of these worlds also varies in density, the Physical World being the densest of the seven.

The fifth Region, which is the one nearest to the focusing point on the Spirit side, reflects itself in the third Region, which is nearest the focusing point on the Form side.

So with this force in its work in the lowest Region of the Desire World. At a later stage these feelings will cease to have any weight.

Parentheses and Brackets

After three weeks on set, the cast was fed up with his direction or, rather, lack of direction. Therefore animals have the deepest color on the back and flowers are deepest colored on the side turned towards the light. It is most intimately connected with the fourth subdivision of the World of Thought.

She was becoming impatient and wished that she were elsewhere. In a manner similar to that in which the World of Life Spirit correlates us to the other planets in our own solar system does the World of Divine Spirit correlate us to the other solar systems.

In French poetry alexandrine [6] is the most typical pattern.Use quotation marks [ “ ”] to set off material that represents quoted or spoken language. Quotation marks also set off the titles of things that do not normally stand by themselves: short stories, poems, and articles.

Usually, a quotation is set off from the rest of the sentence by a comma; however, the typography of quoted material can become quite complicated. The plural form of parenthesis is parentheses. Find more words! Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters.

Singular or plural verb when pluralisation is used in parentheses [duplicate] up vote 9 On the one hand, the content of the parentheses is supposed to be an aside, or in this case, a possible substitution for the word vendor.

In that case, which verb should I use, singular or plural? I'd go for the plural form, both of the subject and. Nov 13,  · parenthesis (countable and uncountable, plural parentheses) A clause, phrase or word which is inserted (usually for explanation or amplification) into a passage which is already grammatically complete, and usually marked off with brackets, commas or dashes.

Chapter 3. Special Characters. What makes a character special?If it has a meaning beyond its literal meaning, a meta-meaning, then we refer to it as a special with commands and keywords, special characters are building blocks of Bash scripts.

Sep 25,  · Parenthesis is the singular form, parentheses is the plural. I've heard this) called a close parenthesis, but frankly I'm not sure if it should properly be called close or closed (or closing, for that matter.)You can call it the right parenthesis if you like.

Single form of parentheses
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