How is louis zamperini a typical

8 Things You May Not Know About Louis Zamperini

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Joe DiMaggio

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Biography. Many people thought Louis Zamperini would not live long beyond his formative years, and on many occasions they were almost right. As a child of immigrants, Zamperini was often in trouble with the authorities, until a police officer suggested that Louis use his fleet feet for sport instead of mischief.

8 Things You May Not Know About Louis Zamperini. With the new film "Unbroken" about to hit theaters, learn eight fascinating facts about one of the most celebrated American servicemen of World War II. He didn't win, but Louis Zamperini became a household name -- a sports hero. A few years later, the nation was at war, and Zamperini was a bombardier in the Army Air Corps.

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How is louis zamperini a typical
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