Easy essay on village life in pakistan

It must be made both compulsory and free.

Essay on Village Life in Pakistan For 10th Class, 2nd Year

Night schools should be set up for the illiterate adults to teach them to read and write. If you will be looking around in the village areas you will be finding so many changes that are expected to be made in it.

The Khmu people are a tribal group that live in Northern Thailand and Laos. Prosperous and enlightened villages have their high schools. It is a peaceful and silent place. The villagers are nearly all farmers.

Villages should be electrified to remove the depressing darkness of rural night. It brings a divine touch into human mind. In horse breeding areas, there are contests for horse races and tent-pegging; the village pond is also a centre of great activity. Their main occupation is agriculture.

In the city, pure food is difficult to get. They cannot understand the charms of village life. A Pakistani village offers an ugly picture of sanitation.

Simple Essay On Village Life in Pakistan

Most of them are engage in agricultural work and animal husbandry. A Pakistani village consists of unpaved paths and streets.

Essay on Village Life

The villagers are very hardworking people. Co-operative credit societies should be established in the villages. They do not keep pace with the changing trends of life.

If you have never try the village life then try it ones. The village Panchayat and the Co-operative Credit Societies are two important factors in this respect. It shows very little signs of progress and development. Villagers are mostly field-workers. They are men of simple habits and limited needs.

Even children are of great use. And there are village mistri who mends plough and carts, a cobbler who makes and mends shoes, potters, blacksmiths, and carpenters all work at their shops.

You would be much surprise to listen the fact that there are almost more than one lakh villages in Pakistan. Government is putting forward so many of the efforts that would conceptualize the steps in terms of bringing some improvement in the village life of Pakistan.

Some of them are artisans. About people live in our village. There are green trees, vast meadows and flowery bushes in every village.

There are more than five lakh villages in India. They know no culture. People who are residing in rural ares of the Pakistan they are known as villagers as they are living in the houses that are made from bricks, clay or mud. There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistan is the land of villages.

They also come to the village well or the river bank to get water. Government is even trying special efforts to boost up the standards of Pakistan villages and villagers.

The people who are living in rural areas of the Pakistan, they do take into custody the profession of the agriculture that is the main occupation of the rural areas of the Pakistan.

Article shared by Introduction: Most villagers are also for preparing development plans. The village people have two opposite characteristics.

They feel happy in the company of singing birds and murmuring water.

Essay on Village Life

The village people lead the life of plain living and high thinking. Therefore, the villagers have to travel a lot to get proper medication and for this they also face numerous difficulties.Sample five paragraph essay format essays against imperialism writing the methodology of a research paper kim rudyard kipling essay gramsci hegemony and international relations an essay in method pdf.

But village life, in some ways, is much the same all over Pakistan. The villagers are nearly all farmers. They till the soil, plow the fields, sow the seeds, water the crops and reap the harvest.

Dec 16,  · life in pakistani village Pakistan is a country of villages; the majority of Pakistanis are villagers.

Villages differ in different parts of Pakistan for the people of Pakistan belong different races. City life and village life In Certain cases, never cross your mind that City life is better than village life. However, there are so many advantages and disadvantages in city life and village life, also there is a big differ in the lifestyle with a little similarities.

Village life has its own charm, beauty as well as has its own traditions, values and customs. This kind life is enriched with calmness, relaxation and is full of peace.

In English essay on Village Life in Pakistan with quotations is best to write and read for students of class 2nd year and 10th class. Read Also - Street Crime Essay in English Read Also - Television Essay in English Read Also - The Cow Essay in English A village is a small town, in the country area.

it consists of a few huts and mud houses. These houses are built all over the area.

Easy essay on village life in pakistan
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