A review of the story raise the red lantern

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The title piece was adapted into an acclaimed film of the same name; the book's publication coincides with the release of Raise the Red Lantern on video. My concern is that there is apparently a strong ideological connection between them which has served as the basis for their friendship.

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Raise the Red Lantern: Three Novellas Su Tong, Author, Michael S. Duke the book's publication coincides with the release of Raise the Red Lantern on video. In this story, year-old Lotus. Raise the Red Lantern is my favorite of the three stories in this book, but the last one is the most disturbing and the one that has stayed with me all these years.

Raise the Red Lantern (China, 1991)

This book walks a fine line between horror and a disturbing psychological thriller. This is a story about saving face and winning face, and what can happen if you carry things too far. Gong Li stars as Qiu Ju, a peasant woman with child whose husband is kicked in the groin by the local chief.

The phenomenal success and international acclaim of Raise the Red Lantern, cemented Zhang Yimou's status as a leading figure in world cinema and reaffirmed the vibrancy of Chinese cinema%.

A review of the story raise the red lantern
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